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What is Cogmed?

Cogmed is an evidence-based cognitive training program for anyone who wants to sustainably improve their working memory capacity. It is a program that can make a significant difference to a individual who has attention and learning difficulties.

As with all effective cognitive training programs, they require hard work and commitment in order for changes to occur. They depend very largely on the specificity and intensity of practice and on the participant's readiness to train. It is for this reason that the Cogmed program is only ever provided through an accredited Cogmed coach. We know that when a coach is present, adherence to the program is greatly enhanced. It’s a bit like having a personal coach for the gym - when there is someone watching your progress and supporting you through the challenging days, you are more likely to successfully see it through. You are more likely to notice and practice your new skills and get the best results.

If you are interested in the Cogmed program for you or your child, your first step is to find a coach, click here. The coach will help you assess an individuals eligibility for training and then monitor and support them all through the process. All Cogmed coaches in private practice are professionals who can identify working memory strengths and weaknesses and support the sorts of issues that occur with working memory difficulties. They are mostly psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and special education professionals with access to good assessment tools and training resources.

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