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Cogmed in Schools

How is Cogmed offered in Australian and New Zealand schools?

There are two ways that schools can be involved with Cogmed, however in both instances, Cogmed is only ever provided through a Cogmed Qualified Coach.

  1. Cogmed is implemented in the school as a Site Package, with teachers trained as Cogmed Qualified Coaches. Through this model the school absorbs the cost of Cogmed, it is not passed on to parents. By using a school's own coaching, computer and other resources, Cogmed can be made available to children who may not otherwise get access to the program. For many institutions, it is an important opportunity to help struggling students and to differentiate their school.

  2. The school plays an important role in identifying the need for working memory training and may make time for the training during the school day, however they will ask a local Cogmed Qualified Coach to monitor the trainings. In this case it is the parents who arrange the Cogmed training for their child directly with the Cogmed Practitioner. The Coach is typically a Psychologist, Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist or similar clinical specialist with expertise in helping children with complex attention, learning and related difficulties. 

Why is a Coach needed?

Good cognitive training is demanding. It needs to be both challenging and rewarding in order to work, and it is for this reason that Cogmed is only ever provided through a professional coach. We know that the feedback and support provided by a professional Cogmed Coach helps students stay on track and make the most of the training.

Who is it for?

A strong working memory is essential for learning. Every student can benefit from working memory training. Schools may choose to implement the training program for the 15% of students who have observable working memory deficits or, provide it on a class-wide basis as part of a program of improving learning behaviours.  

Pearson provides special pricing to support large group implementation of the program as well as strong administrative tools to monitor and manage large groups of students training.

How does Cogmed work in a School?

Cogmed Working Memory Training has been implemented in schools around the world with great success. The training is intensive but engaging and rewarding. It is coach-supported and completed online with existing resources at the school. With 2 new approved training protocols out of Beta testing, you can find the right training for your students based on their schedule and needs. Decide between 25, 35, and 50 minutes a day for 3, 4, or 5 days per week. Pearson provides close, professional support for Coaches. Over 90% of learners complete Cogmed successfully and they need only do it once.

What is included in the School Site Licence Package?

The annual licence is provided to the school and includes:

  • Access to the Cogmed program for a specified number of students.

  • Coach training for the specified number of teachers/aides who will implement the program at your school, provided via course work making it time effective and efficient.

  • Online resources and Pearson support for staff to ensure the quality and success of the program.

  • Access to the Cogmed Coaching Centre which provides great data to monitor performance and inform weekly 1:1 sessions with students

  • A choice of either Cogmed JM, RM or QM for each student.

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