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Mount Mee State School, QLD

What were the main reasons for wanting Cogmed at the school:

"Our school is focused on meeting the learning needs of each and every student and over the past couple of years we have  changed our intervention programs to cater for individual learning goals. Having several children diagnosed with Dyslexia we research best practice programs and learnt about the effectiveness of Cogmed in meeting these students needs."

Was the Cogmed coach training program effective?

Being a small semi-rural school we enjoyed the flexibility of the web-coaching sessions as were able to stay at our school and find a time that suited us.

Has the Cogmed program changed the way you teach or support children with attention and learning issues in the classroom?

Yes. We now include working memory activities into every individual support plan. What were the criteria of selection for your Cogmed candidates? We used a combination of tools to choose our candidates. Automated Working Memory Screener assessment, teacher interviews and parent meetings.

To what extend did you involve the executive at the school, parents?

All our our staff have been trained as coaches and the parents are involved in a pre, during and post meetings with their child's coach in order to receive timely and informative feedback regarding their child's progress.

What were the challenges to implementation of the program and how were they overcome?

Timetables get was probably the biggest challenge in our Cogmed journey. This was overcome by using a rotating roster so that children didn't always miss the same lesson in class with some children even  beginning their Cogmed daily session before school.

How successful was the program at your school? How did you measure success?

We feel Cogmed has been very successful at providing an evidence based, unique and tightly structured working memory training program at our school. We completed Cogmed with one third of all our students.  The majority of the children who completed the program now focus better, report clearer thinking and their behaviour has shifted toward being better able to sit and pay attention, with less daydreaming and more engagement in learning, as well as providing coherent and educated responses to questions given to them in the learning environment.

Was Cogmed part of a broader program of literacy, numeracy or learning behaviours?

Cogmed supports our growing focus on working memory across all key learning areas. What advice would you give to other schools thinking about using Cogmed? We believe a very important factor is to make sure at least 3 staff receive the coach training so you have more options in regards to staffing the program.

Mount Mee State School, QLD - Individual case study

Child details: Female, 10yrs old, Year 5

Diagnosis: Surface Dyslexia

Key challenges: recognition of words as whole units of meaning, recall of number facts, spelling

Outcomes following Cogmed training: post 6mths there was no reportable different in her results on the automated working memory screener however, her ability to learn times tables improved and her reading fluency became more accurate. She thoroughly enjoyed the program and gained a boost in self confidence at being able to apply her growing concentration skills and see visible progress during the program.