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There is a large body of evidence to support the plasticity of working memory - that working memory capacity can be improved with specific and intensive training. 

Not all cognitive training programs are equal. Pearson is dedicated to providing gold-standard products that are shown to be effective in rigorous research. Cogmed Working Memory Training emerged out of academic research and has a strong research record to date. There are now over 80 research studies that specifically show Cogmed to be effective in improving working memory capacity in a wide range of populations.


We know from peer-reviewed research with Cogmed that:

  • Working memory (WM) is key to attention and learning
  • Cogmed leads to sustained improvements in working memory from childhood to adulthood
  • Cogmed leads to sustained improvements in attention
  • Learning outcomes in reading and maths improve for many underperforming students following Cogmed training
  • Adult Cogmed users report improved functioning in daily life


What is Cogmed?

Cogmed is an evidenced-based program used around the world with great success both clinically and in education settings. The majority of research studies have been completed by independent teams at leading universities around the world and published in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals. There is no other commercial working memory training program that so actively pursues research validation or employs such discretion in aligning claims with evidence.


Cogmed was developed by a team of neuroscientists and psychologists from the Karolinska Institute and is based on the breakthrough concept that working memory can be improved through intensive, highly structured and highly supported training. Since those early studies in 2003, both research and clinical data consistently show that various populations with poor working memory can improve their working memory capacity with Cogmed Working Memory Training.


For a full summary of the research literature and clinical outcomes that support the Cogmed claims above, please download the Cogmed Claims and Evidence document. (Version 4.1, 2017 is now available)

To explore the wealth of published and ongoing studies that are looking at the effectiveness of Cogmed, please visit the Research pages on www.cogmed.com