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Contact: Stephanie (Tiffany) Duque

Tiff is an OT superstar, taking our newer OT team members under her wing and helping them develop their skills. Always keen to help any of our team with challenges they face clinically, Tiff also has experience teaching overseas.

Tiff has introduced the Secret Agent Society social skills program and the Cogmed working memory program to our clients with outstanding results and has also put her splinting knowledge to good use, including with one of our kangaroo patients and some of our doggy friends! Fluent in more than one spoken language, Tiff is also fluent in many OT ‘languages’, ranging from sensory integration to handwriting, praxis to trauma, and visual-vestibular to hand therapy.

When not at work, Tiff spends as much time as possible traveling (or planning her next travels) and has taught her adorable cat to do a super cute trick – make sure you ask her to show you the video!