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Contact: Binh Doan

Speakable offers powerful solutions to overcome speaking, reading and thought based obstacles.

- Speech Pathology and Speech Therapy

- Reading, Literacy and Learning Difficulties

- Cogmed Working Memory Training

- Accent Reduction

- Confidence Life Coaching

As a highly-qualified speech pathology and Cogmed practice in Sydney, Speakable helps children and adults unshackle their talents for a brighter future.

Our methods are evidence based and cutting edge. We believe in empowering our clients to succeed on their own two feet (and one brain).

We believe learning and therapy should be fun and energetic. We recognise people for their strengths, not just their weaknesses. And we set realistic expectations.

Having managed one of Sydney’s oldest and most respected speech pathology practices, Speakable’s principle, Binh Doan holds the following Certifications:

- Cogmed Qualified Coach

- Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist

- Masters of Speech Pathology

- Bachelor of Biomedical Science

- Diploma of Life Coaching

- CELTA Certificate

- Cert IV Workplace Training & Assessment

- Toastmasters Member

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