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Gold Coast Brain Development Centre

Contact: Dr Christine Salisbury

The Gold Coast Brain Development Centre provides programs to develop the learning potential of the brain regardless of age and the level of mental skills for each and every child, adolescent or adult. 

The programs will provide the most innovative memory training which will offer an alternative for parents whose children and adolescents are not achieving at their expected peak performance or have learning difficulties.

Working Memory and attention are essential to the learning process. Researchers have found that 80% of children who scored in the lowest 10% for Working Memory also experienced substantial problems in maths, reading, or both.

Working memory is something all humans can do, but it’s also a skill that can be refined, practiced and improved if it’s not working well in otherwise intelligent children and adolescents.

We provide

-a comprehensive clinical assessment

- psychological treatment

- cognitive assessments

- Cogmed

- Social Skills Training