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Contact: Nicole Plotkin - Psychologist

Nicole is tireless in her pursuit of well-being promotion for people at home and in the workforce. She has considerable experience in counselling, training and coaching across public, business, government, occupational rehabilitation, recruitment, disability, education and defence force settings.  Nicole has extensive experience in stress and anxiety management, depression, workplace trauma, workplace rehabilitation issues (TAC, WorkCover), and career development, as well as loss and grief, parenting skills, disability issues, social integration, sexuality, relationship problems and sleep disorders. Nicole draws from a combination of coaching and therapeutic approaches, such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Solution-focussed therapy, Positive psychology, relaxation techniques and mindfulness-based therapy to meet clients’ individual needs. Her approach is down to earth. She is passionate about assisting her clients become more resilient when faced with life-challenges; personal struggles; negative thoughts; low motivation; conflict and anxiety symptoms. Nicole helps them find new avenues for growth and vitality, providing them with strategies to enhance their strengths and deal with day-to-day issues.