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Child and Adolescent Psychology Services

Contact: Sharon Muir

Children and adolescents are taught skills and strategies that increase and improve:

  • Self awareness

  • Working memory assessment

  • Cognitive assessment

  • Confidence

  • Problem solving abilities

  • Resilience and well being.

These skills enable the young person and their family to make the positive changes required to deal with their specific challenges.

We provide the following services:


 • comprehensive psycho-diagnostic and psycho-educational evaluations

• early childhood screenings

• specialties: autism spectrum, anxiety, attachment, adhd and learning disorders


• individual, sibling, parent-child/family therapy

• specialities: cognitive behavioral therapy, social skills, play therapy, and psycho-education


• family, school or multidisciplinary teams

Social emotional well-being

• friendship skills

• emotional coaching

• infant development

• parent education