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Brain Care

Contact: Nerida Saunders

Brain Care is an innovative Australian company specialising in personalised, evidence-based care for brain and mind health. Our multidisciplinary team provides diagnostic and treatment options for psychological, neuropsychological, and psychiatric conditions. This also includes the corporate sector, assisting employers in managing organisational health and performance needs. The company initially started 18 years ago from professional counselling and psychological services and gradually increased the range of services with a strong focus on integrative neuroscience and neurotechnologies.

We recognise that the future of brain health fundamentally relies on utilising the natural neuroplasticity of neuronal networks and the ability of the brain to self-regulate and recover. This results in a continual improvement of cognitive functions throughout the life span. For this reason, we introduced advanced methods for investigating individual brain health and assisting the brain to improve its performance.

We have been providing Cogmed Working Memory Training to the Australian market since 2008.