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Working Memory & Daily Living Skills

Improve every day living and working skills.

Cogmed Working Memory Training is an evidence-based program for helping children, adolescents, and adults sustainably improve attention by training their working memory. The program of exercises is delivered online and under the supervision of an accredited Cogmed Coach.

Cogmed provides an effective approach to address the serious challenge of attention problems in ADHD, Acquired Brain Injury, Stroke, Mild Cognitive Impairment and other populations. Working memory performance declines markedly in old age. Working memory deficits are common after brain injury and have important implications for patients’ functioning in daily life. Patients experience problems with distractibility, forgetfulness, and difficulties in multitasking. There is a body of research in these populations, showing that improvements in working memory after Cogmed have generalised to reduced cognitive failures in daily life. 

Cogmed working memory training is offered by rehabilitation centres around the world. The implementation is highly structured and supported, providing for excellent clinical results. Cogmed follows sound neurorehabilitation principles requiring specific and immersive practice. The duration and intensity of the training on a variety of working memory tasks is central to its success. The program’s high completion rate and effectiveness rate is achieved by a standardised protocol including adaptive challenge levels, feedback and rewards, and the support of an accredited professional coach who can help to identify the right time for training.

In Australia and New Zealand Cogmed is offered on a per user basis (through a clinician in private practice), and on a per site basis where institutions such as schools and rehabilitation facilities implement the program providing their own staff as coaches and resources to access the training.

A site package allows an institution to provide Cogmed to patients as an important addition to a comprehensive occupational, social, emotional and cognitive rehabilitation program. Staff are trained by Pearson to provide coaching for the individuals undertaking the program. Coaches have access to the Cogmed Training Web allowing them to closely monitor training, providing timely feedback and close support.

Key benefits of Cogmed for a rehabilitation facility include:

  • Its strong evidence base - Download the Working Memory Resource Kit here
  • Trackable training allowing close supervision and support
  • Ability to administer and train remotely
  • Flexible protocol choices and extension training enabling coaches to manage engagement and fatigue
  • Cost effective compared to paper and pencil interventions
  • Close supervision and support of coaches by professional Pearson staff.