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Cogmed has been one of the best programs I have come across in my 20 year career. It develops the pivotal and yet often untreated cognitive skill of working memory, thereby complementing our literacy and language programs used at Brain & Language Connections. I often describe it to parent as the 'plug' that stops new learning from draining away!
- Brain and Language Connections, practice in Melbourne

Cogmed WMT provides a valuable addition to the set of interventions we can offer children. The program is useful across a range of situations. It lays a solid foundation for subsequent intervention, for example in literacy. It provides an alternative for children with milder problems, where the use of medication may not be necessary. With concomitant use of medication, CWMT augments capacity and function, potentially enabling not only more successful developmental support, but also greater likelihood of being able to wean off medication in the future. It is a great program to integrate into the care of children with complex developmental needs.
- Child Development Network, Multidisciplinary Paediatric practice in Brisbane


"I really appreciate being able to offer an effective program to clients with a weakness in Working Memory. It is such a common problem in children who are struggling at school. In the past the number of options for coping with this were quite few.

Now, it's such a pleasure to see the successful trainees grow in confidence because real, lasting changes have taken place at the neural level. In children, the flow-on effect into schoolwork, social interactions and self esteem is very gratifying to witness. Getting working memory functioning efficiently means that any educational interventions are much more likely to take hold and be retained.

In adults, post-training, their increased capacity for self-regulation, improved focus, attention and organisation can help kick-start their lives into an upward positive spiral"
- Hurlstone Park Psychology, Clinical and Educational Psychology Practice, NSW