Cogmed is an evidence based program for improving attention



How Cogmed Works

The Cogmed program improves attention by training working memory.

Studies consistently show that most people with attention deficits have a working memory deficit.

What is Working memory and why is it important?

Working memory is that ability we have to hold information in our minds, keeping it active for a short span of time, so that we can use it in our thinking. It is critical for focusing our attention, shutting out distractions, following directions, learning and successfully completing complex tasks.

All of us have working memory limits but when capacity is particularly constrained, information is more readily lost, our attention, learning and productivity is affected. Working memory can be improved with specific and intensive training. Watch our quick video to find out more!

3 reasons Cogmed is different to other 'brain training'

1. Scientifically Researched

Cogmed emerged out of leading neuroscience research establishing that working memory capacity is not fixed, but can be changed. The highly structured program combining working memory exercises and coach support has been shown to be effective in improving working memory for a wide variety of populations. The evidence comes out of rigorous research published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

2. Sustainable Change

The management of working memory deficits has for a long time focussed solely on teaching behavioural strategies for coping. Working memory training instead, focuses on strengthening working memory capacity with specific and intensive practice of working memory tasks. The majority of individuals who train with Cogmed show improvements in working memory and non- trained behaviour such as improvements in inattention and capacity to learn, that are sustained after training.

3. Support of a Qualified Coach

Good cognitive training is defined by the principles of neuroplasticity and rehabilitation – you need to work intensively on the specific tasks you want to improve. It needs to be challenging and rewarding with lots of practice and feedback. For this reason Cogmed is only ever provided through a certified Cogmed Coach. The support of a professional Cogmed Coach is very important to successfully completing the program and making the most of the training.

Cogmed is for everyone

There are different versions of Cogmed for different age groups.
JM for Preschoolers, RM for School Children and QM for Adults.


User Stories

What people are saying about Cogmed

"I am more present in my life"

Adult ADHD patient

"More confident, less distracted, driven to do her best"

Teacher observes changes in Sydney student

"I'm remembering, hearing and looking"

9 year old Student

"All students (who completed Cogmed) improved on the measure of being able to work more independently."

Learning Support Teacher

"Don’t put it off. My only regret is that I didn't know about Cogmed sooner"

Parent of Cogmed User