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Hurlstone Park Psychology

Contact: Cate Wikner, Clinical, Educational and Developmental Psychologist

Based in the Inner West of Sydney, Hurlstone Park Psychology has been providing Cogmed Working Memory Training since 2010 through a network of Cogmed Qualified Coaches across the Sydney area. As one of the first Cogmed Qualified Practices in Australia, we offer a very high level of experience, and our six Cogmed Qualified Coaches bring significant expertise from a range of disciplines.

Set in a practice which offers the full range of clinical and educational psychology services:

  • ability assessment
  • achievement assessment
  • diagnosis of learning difficulties
  • clinical assessment and therapy
  • therapy and treatment for both adults and children

Cogmed Working Memory Training is one evidence based intervention which may be recommended as part of an overall treatment approach.

Direct referrals from other clinicians are also accepted for Cogmed Working Memory training.